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Man Collapses After his Pregnant wife Confessed That she Slept with his Friend on their Matrimonial Bed Years Ago (Sensitive video)



A man has been left heartbroken and devastated following the confession by his wife that she slept with his friend, five years ago.

The father of four also fainted as a result of the shock of the revelation.

In a recorded call between a marriage counselor and the couple who are based in Europe, the wife narrated how she slept with her husband’s friend, outside their home and on their matrimonial bed, but stated that she couldn’t bear the guilt anymore and so she decided to confess to her husband.

In the course of the interrogation, the woman who is pregnant, disclosed that all the times she met with her husband’s friend, they had intercourse without protection and she couldn’t remember if it was during her safe period.

She, however, said that after years of keeping it secret, she made up her mind to confess to her husband.

But the husband is now claiming that their last child is not his, but was rather forced on him, because the child looked like his friend, whom the wife cheated on him with.