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Lady cries out after meeting a man in Transcorp Hotel, Abuja. Check out her story(Video)



Lady cries out after meeting a man in Transcorp Hotel, Abuja. Check out her story.

A lady identified as Queen Benson(a.k.a Queency Benna) on Instagram, has accused and called out a Nigerian man on her social media pages for ‘taking advantage’ of her in Transcorp Hotel, Abuja. She claims the man, a medical doctor and one of her ‘snapfams’ had been disturbing her for a long time just to meet her, but she had been constantly turning his request down(because she was sceptical of the man and didn’t trust him much).

But on this fateful day, that was yesterday, Queen said she visited Abuja for her music stuff and had to lodge in Transcorp. Coincidentally, the man called, requested to meet her and she felt, “well, since I’m in the same hotel, to not look rude, let me meet him”. So, they met at the upper floor where the man in question lodged.

In the meeting, she claims the man gave him plenty drinks, champagne and she drunk, drunk, got drunk and excused him to the toilet. When she came out, she requested she returned to her own room. Since was tipsy, she claims the stranger accompanied her to her room and ‘forced himself on her’ and even made a video of her. Sadly, she claimed ms she could not fight as she was so weak already. She adds that she only realised in the morning that something strange had happened to her at night. She says she felt dirty, violated and wanted to commit suicide. Her attempt contact the medical doctor was in vain, as he refused to answer his calls.

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Furthermore, Queen emphasised that she just wanted to speak with him as adults and inquire why he would do such a thing to her. She cried and cried for her sanity. She has thus vowed to deal with the stranger!

Some Nigerians reacting to the situation have doubted her claims, some saying that the story isn’t true. They asked questions like, why the same hotel (perfect coincidence)?, Why didn’t you stop drinking knowing full well you’re getting drunk with a stranger? Why didn’t you leave when he began touching you? Etc..

Read reactions below:

This is indeed a very humiliating experience if true. I feel for her and pray she recovers from such a mess. Interestingly, this also serves as a strong message to all our girls out there: Do not visit strangers in private places. Maybe this event would have been avoided if Miss Queen met him in a public space. Not all that glitters are gold! However, we are yet to hear from the other party. Guys, what’s your thoughts on this story?