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Kim Kardashian To Gift 1000 Fans With $500 Each For The Holidays



American TV Reality Star, Kim Kardashian has disclosed that since it is a festive season, she will be giving out cash to 1000 people for the holidays..

She revealed this via her Twitter page by saying that the outbreak of the deadly COVID-19 has damaged a lot of people as well as their means of survival and so she would like to assist these people with an amount of $500 each.

She wrote; Hey guys! 2020 has been hard and many are worried about paying rent or putting food on their table. I want to spread the love by sending $500 to 1000 people.’

The outbreak of the deadly coronavirus has rendered a lot of people jobless and really struggling with survival and for Kim Kardashian to demonstrate this kind of love to her fans, that’s really kind of her.

See her tweet below: