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“I’m A Masturbator Addict And I Want To Stop, I need Your Help” A Lady Cries Out



“I’m A Masturbator Addict And I Want To Stop, I need Your Help” A Lady Cries Out.

First if she really want to quit, she should stop watching bad things and she should try as much as possible to make sure she pray her 5 obligatory prayers everyday, There’s no need for her handle but she really need help.

And sometimes the thought of her observing janaba bath before she could pray will help her to stop masturbating

Knowing the harms she’s causing to himself will also help her to stop masturbating. Some of them are; Decrease in her imam, she could cause impotency to herself if she continue with the act, shrinking of one side of her face which could lead to asymmetric face.

The prophet (SAW) said: Oh you agroup of youth, when you get the ability (wealth) you should marry, if you can’t afford you should fast(sawm) and prevent your self from looking on what is prohibited to look. So my advise is you should follow the teaching of prophet Muhammad (SAW)

If you are a Muslim hold Qur’an and try to make yourself busy in anything relating your religion, same thing with if you are a Christian. Wish you overcome it soon.

Get busy, and idle person is a Devils workshop. . . And also try as much as possible not to stay alone, be around others.

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Best thing to do is, , pray very well, avoid anything having to with any related stuff, videos, whenever you’re tempted to do the act, , have something to distract you, make dua, istigfar and avoid being alone because it’s one of the major things that make you do that.

Therefore you needs prayers and I pray for you that will encounter the mercy of God

Below are some of the people advise on Twitter.

What’s your own advise on her?

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