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If You Think You Are Suffering, Check Out What Life Inside Prison Looks Like (Photos below)



A lot of countless people are currently living their lives behind bars because of a crime they committed or the other, nothing good will ever come out of you when you decide to go against the Law of any Country.

But like many of us might have thought, many innocent people are also in prison for crimes they never committed and never had an idea about who committed it.

In my whole life, I never set my foot in a prison, but I know that the people inside are really suffering due to unavailability of infrastructure, and some of them are even serving life imprisonment.

A lot of these prisoners have lost hope because their cases are never going to be justified, and this is a result of bad friends, wayward living, impatient and no self – control.

The reason the rate of prisoners in the World is still increasing day by day, is because some of us don’t like to do things in the right and legal way, especially when the government is lacking in the provision of job opportunities.

Sometimes people develop a negative mindset that will make them want to commit crimes that they are not supposed to even go near, but they need to always remind themselves that crime will only lead them to more problems and hardships at the very end.

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Only those who have spent some part of their life can describe how miserable and unbearable prison life is. Because in prison, you don’t have any freedom unless what the rule of the house stated, you lack freedom of movement, you stay from morning till night without properly eating, having your bath or even knowing what is going on around the world.

Life as a prisoner is really nothing to think about because of how your bright future will get deemed and later damaged. So please do yourself good and stay away from committing all kind of crimes.

But a bitter truth here is that not all of them committed a crime or deserves to end up there. Some of them are innocent but had to spend the rest of their lives behind bars. So sad!

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