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“I Will Prefer To Marry A Submissive Illiterate Woman Than Spend A Day With A Disrespectful Literate Woman” – Nigerian Lawyer



A Nigerian lawyer identified as Arinze Amobi stated that he would go for an illiterate woman who is teachable, respectful and submissive than to spend a day with a disrespectful literate.

On Saturday, 19th December, Arinze made this statement on his Facebook handle. He added that most sincere men will understand him. He wrote; Groom whose wedding was disrupted finally speaks, says he faced maltreatment
October 14, 2020

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December 3, 2020

“As a man, I will much rather marry and spend my life with with a teachable, submissive and respectful illiterate than spend a day with a disrespectful literate woman”. Most sincere men will agree with me on this.”