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I was a Prophetess for 20years before l became a river Priestess – Yeye Omotara Fashola (Details below)



Yeye Omotara Fashola, the Oba Obinrin Olokun Olosa of Lagos state. Recently narrated how she became a river Priestess.

She said, ‘I use to dream about seeing water every time, I didn’t understand, I thought it was normal until a man appeared to me in my dream, he gave me a glass of water and he told me to use it’.

‘When i narrated the dream to my father, he said, even before I started talking as a baby, i always talk about water.

Apart from the dream, she said she received a revelation that she was specially made and chosen for a work relating with water.

According to her, she didn’t understand all that until she met Christa Apostolic Church pastor who pointed at her during service saying, she has a job from God that have something to do with water. ‘Its surprised me that a pastor of a church can say that. She said.

The pastor proceed by saying that I should not be afraid that God called everyone in different ways. ‘Since then I accept my mission as a river pribecame.

During one of her worship section at the river side, she said she was a Muslim before converting to Christian. She also said she serve as a church Prophetess for 20 years before she finally becoming a river priestess.

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She concluded by saying that, since she became a river priestess, there is no difficulty that she cannot solve with the use of water.