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I Thought He Would Toast Me After Collecting My Number, Instead He Did This To My Number On WhatsApp



A lady after she was pained decided to call a man out, after he refused to ask her out. For ladies, when a guy approach them and ask for their number, there thought is that this man loves me.

Atleast, if he doesn’t love me, why would he ask for my number? For this lady, she was wrong about the man who came to ask for her number.

The lady took to Twitter to call out the man who after collecting her number refused to woo her. She was disappointed that she had to make the post on twitter.

She called the name of the man Bayo. She said after the man came to ask for her, she thought she would ask her out but instead, the man only saved her number and decided to be viewing her status only.

Well, as it has been said, ladies shouldn’t always be expecting men to come and ask them out all the time. If the lady likes Bayo, why can’t she go ahead to ask Bayo out.

Probably, Bayo is shy or he already has the motive that the lady doesn’t like her. It takes two to tango, ladies can ask a man out too. It’s not bad.

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