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I Make Millions Of Naira From My Members Every Sunday But Spend It Carelessly Pastor Speaks (Details below)



The end time is very close so seeing most of this strange things is not a surprise because even the Bible also made it clear that during the end time you will see some things from people that call themselves men of God.

The story of this particular man God was all over the media, because of his strange way of performing miracles.

Popular Nigerian Pastor whoes news has been trending of recent has spoken on how he makes millions of naira from his members daily but spend it carelessly.

Pastor Emeka Odumejeje whoes Church is located at onitsha speaks on how he makes millions of naira from his members but spend it carelessly by spraying on musicians and throwing money around on the streets, he also said he sprays alot of money in clubs and social gathering.

The man of God who said his parlour is always full of money every Sunday after church service.

He said he was instructed by God to always spend the little he has all the time

Of recent the news of this man has been on social media people has been critizing this man of God as been fake, cause of the way he lives his life.

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Many people assumes pastor Emeka Odumejeje who owns a big church in onitsha is fake because of his ways of doing things and miracles.

The man of God is the only pastor who goes into the street of onitsha throwing money and other gift items to people, each time the man of God is seen on the street many people seem to have joy.

The man of God is always known for doing unbelievable miracles like carryin and hitting his members on the ground then using his altar as a stage for music and this music are always hip hop music not Christian music how can such man be called a man of God.

Of recent the man of God paid a visit to the to chief of staff to the Anambra state governor and the chief of staff shawers him with money.