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“I Am In A State Of Shock And Despair” – Traumatized Father Of Young Woman Allegedly Gang-raped By Terrorist



A young woman was allegedly ganged raped by bandits in a video making rounds online and her father, Kabir Ibrahim has urged Buhari to take unwavering acting to strengthen security in the North West and North East part of Nigeria..

On 14th December, Ibrahim told Vanguard that he is devastated by the barbaric treatment his daughter went through.

He said;

“I come from Faskari the Southern most part of Katsina State bordering Zamfara State in the North West of Nigeria. The lady in the video is my daughter so I am personally involved in this unfolding drama. I am in a state of shock and despair especially that I encouraged her to vote this Government into power.”

“I would have resigned my appointment upon watching the dastardly act in the video if I held any appointment at least to show my displeasure at the state of affairs. I am not calling on the President to resign but asking him to redouble his effort to restore security in Nigeria especially in the North West and North East where Insecurity has taken its toll.

“In the North East, this mayhem has been lingering for upward of 11 years while in the North West it’s been on for nearly five years. I looked forward to the end of it all at the onset of the administration because the President is a retired General with a lot of experience in warfare having fought Nigeria’s civil war and served as commander-in-chief among other things before being elected.

“I am slightly disappointed that it is not happening but hopeful still that it could happen if the following decisions are taken immediately. Reinvigorate the security management Architecture by injecting new blood into it because there is apparent fatigue right now.”

Ibrahim appealed to the government to ‘defoliate and bulldoze forests’ in North West, North East and parts of North Central which have served as a shelter for armed terrorists for many years.

He added;

“Defoliate and sectorially bulldoze all the forests in the regions affected by banditry in the North East and North West and some parts of the North Central. Suspend all development projects and concentrate on the restoration of security forthwith. Declare a state of emergency in the severely affected regions,”

“Recall all the reservists who are still able to beef up the security services for the state of emergency period. Convene a Council of State meeting to get all the past leaders, the traditional leaders of the country to commit to the restoration of security. Reinvigorate the Federal executive council by appointing fresh and strong persons to manage the affairs of the various Ministries and MDAs.”

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