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I Almost Jumped Out Of The Window On My Wedding Night After Seeing The Size Of His ‘Coco’ – Wife Cries Out



My boyfriend and I had agreed not to ‘do it’ until our wedding night. I was surprised that he didn’t complain about it – a proof that he loved me. We were dating for over three years and I never for once dared to ask him to show me his ‘cucumber’, at least to see what it looked like, even though so many people had asked me to ‘inspect’ even if I’m not gonna taste it.

When asked why I’d refused to ask him to show me, I answered “I won’t reject whatever God has given me. Cos He won’t give me what I can’t handle.”

My lover and I finally got married, four years after dating. We both were virgins and spent so much time sitting on the bed talking, before we both agreed to ‘do it’.

As soon as my husband unlocked his ‘weapon’, I almost screamed cos his ‘cucumber’ was bigger than my arm. I was so scared that night and thought of running off to my parent’s house, but I couldn’t, cos the doors were locked. I kept wondering how I was gonna eat it and then I remembered, “God won’t give me what I can’t handle”.

He logged into me that night and I screamed so loud and cried. Since we were both expecting that to happen, he kept going on and on. When we were done, we both felt bad, especially as he saw me crying as I bled. We waited for some weeks before the next ‘action’. I kept screaming each time we ‘did it’, and even after three months, I hadn’t gotten used to it.

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But everything changed after I got pregnant and had our first child. The thing I was complaining about became what I was comfortable with – infact, it became perfect after I had our child. Instead of running away, I became the one asking for it often cos it was now my taste. Three years have passed now and I have two beautiful kids and my husband’s cucumber which I’m still enjoying.

Dear ladies, remember, God can’t give you what you can’t handle. As long as you’re sure that it is God that led you to that man, don’t let what you see physically stop you from being with him, cos you don’t know tomorrow.

Better safe than sorry