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How Mercy Eke Allegedly Broke Up With Ike Because Of Nengi And Tacha (FULL GIST)



Popular controversial Instagram blogger, Cutie Julz, has revealed the reason why former Big Brother Naija couple, Mercy Eke and Ike Onyema broke up.
According to Cutie Julz, The Big Brother Naija season four winner and Ike Onyema’s relationship crashed because of Ike’s friendship with former Big Brother Naija season five housemates, Tach and Nengi..

The blogger revealed that Ike Onyema’s friendship with Rebecca Nengi Hampson, well known as Nengi, begun two years ago when they met at the audition of Big Brother Naija, where Mercy Eke and Tacha participated in.

According to a report by Gistreel news, Cutie Julz wrote;

“It all started that Neo, Mercy Lambo, Ike and Nengi all went for BBNaija auditions last 2 yrs, got to know each other, exchange contacts etc but only Ike and Mercy Lambo were selected at that time and they made it to the house.

During their time at the auditioning, Nengi and Ike became really cool which led to them being friends.

Mercy also later became a friend. Fast forward when Mercy and Ike’s BBNaija’s season ended, when all came out of the house after the finals, Nengi stayed in touch with the couple seperately, etc. So when Nengi finally got selected, she reportedly informed Ike.

Also, she sent Mercy messages that she wanted to come and see her but guess Mercy was probablly too busy and didn’t even reply the texts. As at that point, Mercy didn’t know Nengi’s reasons for wanting to see her.

So fast forward, when the time came and Nengi and Neo also made it to the house, Ike will always bring up Nengi in chats etc. Mercy will also allegedly complain about Nengi not not being herself and trying to copy her game.

There apparantly were issues about Ike and Tacha’s friendship. Mercy allegedly started having issues with Ike’s relationship with Tacha and then when the lockdown season came out of the house, the Nengi’s friendship with Ike also became an issue.”

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