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HOT SLAP: Nigerian Senator Who Slapped A Nursing Mother 1 Year Ago As Slapped Another Man (Video)



Senator Ishaku Elisha Abbo who was recorded 12 months in the past in 2019 Slapping a nursing mom in a “adult” toy store in Abuja. What passed off between him and the woman wasn’t absolutely confirmed to the general public however he was captured dishing hot slap to the woman notwithstanding she have a toddler. Many people defended him then, they stated it changed into a mistake and it might not take place again, however, Senator Ishaku show them wrong, he has done it again.

A political leader who is from Muchalla Ward, Mubi – North LGA of Adamawa nation. He is the senator representing Adamawa North Senatorial District in Adamawa state at the Nigerian ninth national assembly. He’s a teenagers under the age of 50. He became filmed speeding out hot slap to a man in his domestic metropolis. What brought about that is yet to be rooted out but he changed into visible Slapping that guy a couple of times. In the video, He become in his automobile whilst human beings, ordinarily youths we are seen accrued around him shouting, what they had been shouting isn’t understood but Ishaku throws a slap to a man right from his vehicle, he then come completed and slap him once more as humans accumulated and yelling.

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Senator Elisha Abbo is a young Senator who supposed to represent the youths in the house. Unfortunately, He has just married his 3rd wife, busy slapping people anyhow as a way of intimidation. Where’s the glory of the youths as leaders? Why on Earth should one campaign for youth leadership?

Is this how the youths will rule Nigeria with their uncontrolled anger? Nigerian youths have always crave for more influencial positionin the Nigeria Government, Ishaku has one is he using it right?

If a senator slaps you, will you revenge?

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