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HE’S A RITUALIST! After Winning FIFA Best Footballer Award, Robert Lewandowski’s Wife Shockingly Reveals The Striker’s Dirty Rituals & Secrets



Robert Lewandowski has been named as FIFA Best footballer beating perennial rivals, Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi. The Polish striker has had a stellar year after helping his Bayern Munich side to the treble last season. i

The triumph in the Champions League with FC Bayern was the long-awaited climax of a career that began many years ago in Poland. His family and friends have now explained the Lewandowski phenomenon in detail.

Lewandowski’s wife, after the striker’s great night yesterday has now come out to reveal the secrets of his husband’s success.

Anna Lewandowska advises on fitness and football issues

The fact that Lewandowski is meanwhile the exact alternative to “small and slim” is also thanks to his wife Anna Lewandowska. She is a competitive athlete herself and also a fitness and nutrition expert. Together, the couple tries to tease out the last percent.

“There are many small things that we started to change twelve years ago. For example, the quality of sleep: a good mattress, no blue light, and the right food before bed,” said Lewandowska.

“We avoid lactose, wheat flour, white sugar, and fried foods. We eat dessert or carbohydrates first and then protein, sometimes we eat more raw vegetables, sometimes only a little meat. To know what Robert needs, we check regularly Blood, “said the karate fighter.

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But Lewandowski’s wife also helps with football issues – and analyzes the games together with the striker.

“We have always done it that way. He calls after away games. He wants to hear my opinion. I have a different perspective than him, but I also come from competitive sport and studied sport.” It is a kind of technical discussion among athletes. The conclusion is apparently almost always that Lewandowski is never really satisfied with himself. “He has a very clear view of himself. And his ambition is huge.”

Winning the Champions League has always been the big goal. Even after the win against PSG, there was a call to his Anna – who of course still remembers well: “He said: ‘We did it! We won! We all together!’ He meant the team, but also our family and friends. Everyone who supported him in his career. ”

Because no guests were allowed in Lisbon due to the pandemic, the family could not be there at this moment. “That’s why I told him: ‘You have to win the Champions League again.'”

Another triumph in the premier class is not unthinkable, especially for Lewandowski, who is hungry for success. The early death of his father also played a part in his determination, his sister suspects. He died when Lewandowski was 16 years old.

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“Even back then, Robert wasn’t really someone who talked about his feelings. But I think that afterward, he was even more focused on becoming a professional footballer. Unfortunately, our father didn’t see him play as a professional anymore. I think he would have him want to show that he has achieved what he dreamed of as a child, “said Milena Lewandowska-Miros.