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Female Prisoners In Kenya Calls On Gov’t To Allow Them Sleep With Their Partners When They Visit



In Kenya, Female prisoner seems to be yearning out desperately as they called on the government to allow them to have an affair with their partners when they visit.
The spokesperson for the Inmate, Sofia Sweleh who has been sentenced to life imprisonment delivered this on behalf of her colleagues who have been locked up.

She explained that even the time given to them when their relatives or partners visit them is too short and doesn’t give chance for intimacy.

The Inmate said the government through the leadership of the prisons in Kenya should pass a law that will allow women having long jail term to enjoy sexual intimacy when their partners visit.

Reports gathered from has it that their request isn’t going to be possible anytime soon as Mtangani KG prison senior administration, Purity Nkatha says unless a new law is passed.