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Disappointed Lady Narrates How Her Boyfriend Won N2 Million And Gave Her 20k Instead of N1 Million



A lady only identified on social media as @Reddishwine3 ha expressed her disappointments in her boyfriend after he won some money from betting and did not give her the amount she was expecting..

According to the lady, her boyfriend won an amount of N2 million from betting,and instead of him to share it equally with her by giving her N1 million out of it, the boyfriend decided to give her N20,000.

The lady then took to the microblogging platform to lament on the fact that she feels cheated. To her, she was to receive half of that money but she rather received 20k which she deemed unfair.

See her tweet below:

Personally, I will tag this lady to be very ungrateful, your even remembered to give you something out of it and you still have the guts to complain.