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Days After Dumping Her German Boyfriend, Cossy Orjiakor Flaunts New White Boyfriend



Cossy Orjiakor has flaunted her new white boyfriend on social media a few days after dumping her German boyfriend..

The busty Nollywood actress dumped the drunken ass of her German boyfriend, Abel Jurgen, a few days ago, and the controversial script interpreter has returned on social media to show the world her new white boyfriend.

Cossy Ojiakor dumped Abel Jurgen after claiming that she is not able to tolerate his drinking habit, elaborating on the fact that he always misbehaves with her and destroys her properties when drunk. Adding that he always gets intimidated when there is a rich guy or girl around her.

Abel Jurgen on the other hand took to his Instagram handle and showed off the wounds he suffered at the hands of Cossy Orjiakor after they had an argument, promised her that she will soon hear from his lawyer.

Well, Cossy Orjiakor has already found a new white boyfriend as she took to Instagram handle to flaunt him.

Check out the screenshot below;