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Davido fInally reacts After a Man confessed he robbed to raise money to feature Davido in his Album (Reaction below)



Whenever a thief is caught in the act, they usually give reasons on why they decided to start stealing. Sometimes you will hear them say, it’s because there is no job in town and that is why they ventured into stealing. Some will say it’s the Devil’s work. A Car snatcher who was recently caught by the police, gave a funny response when he was asked why he decided to steal. From what he told newsmen, he is upcoming musician. And he told the newsmen that, the reason why he decided to steal was to raise money for his upcoming album.

He wanted to feature Popular Artist Davido and Runtown in his album, so he had to raise money so he can feature them. And the only fastest way, he thought that he could get the money was through stealing. Well, luck was not on his side because he was caught. After the news went viral, Popular musician Davido has now reacted to the news. From the way Davido reacted to the news, he was shocked and the thing looked funny to him.

Davido reacted to the news via his official Twitter account. In his reaction, he saluted the man, and said that, “this wan na d highest choke”. Davido used a pidgin english slang to which is used for something that surprises to Express how he felt by the news. Here is the screenshot for his tweet.

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There is no genuine reason for stealing. If he wants to make it in the music industry, he has to follow the due process, there’s no shortcut. Big deals don’t come easy, he has to work for it.

Here are some reactions from some of Davido’s fans