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Class 6 Boy Commits Suicide (Details below)



A family in Migori is currently mourning sudden death of one of their son who is reported to have killed himself by hanging using a rope.

What shocked the family and friends of the deceased was the fact that the body didn’t any signs that he was planning to do so where one of the family members even claimed that everything was going on well among all of them as far as he could tell.

The incident is reported to have happened few hours after the boy who is said to be the news loving boy allegedly heard about the death of a middle – aged man who committed suicide in Nyalenda after being dumped by his wife.

Family members claim that this might have given him an idea of doing so with some claiming that maybe he was playing but in the process ended up dying for an unknown reasons.

The body of the deceased was taken to the mortuary by police officers who were alerted by the public after the painful incident as the police promised to look into this matter without leaving anything behind to make sure it was as it had been reported.

The incident sparked a lot of mixed reactions from Kenyans who seemed to have been confused on what was going on in boy’s mind. Various Kenyans claimed that maybe he was playing, others stated that maybe he had been planning to do this all along or had done something wrong that’s why he decided to kill himself not to be found.

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