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Checkout What This Man Warned People About A Day Before He Died (Details below)



It’s unfortunate that the World was obviously struck by a great pandemic which is fostered by the spread of a dangerous virus known as covid-19.

This virus is quite deadly as it affects the respiratory tract thus, leading to symptoms like, difficulty in breathing and coughing. People are advised to adhere to the preventive measures enlisted by authorised bodies to help curb the spread of this virus.

Nevertheless, you might not be so surprised to learn that some people don’t take the severity of this virus for granted. Therefore do not strictly adhere to the covid-19 preventive measures.

A man from South Africa was seen in a video warning people about the severity of covid-19, as he was speaking tears were seen flowing down his eyes.

He ended his brief wanting by telling people to always have their masks with them. This man was allegedly in the intensive Care unit and was obviously infected with this dangerous disease.

According to Josey Mahanchie who posted this on Twitter, the young man died a day after warning people about this disease. It’s quite painful that he died of the same Covid-19 he warned people of, his death was caused by the covid-19.

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