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Bullies Call Him Zombie, See The 8 Years Old Boy With A Rare Medical Condition (Details below)



What does equality means, equality simply means recognizing that everyone no matter thier shape color or race are of the same worth and deserves to be loved. Discrimination is one of the things that trigger bullies, when there is discrimination, there will definitely be bullies.

Bullies should not be encouraged in our society or anywhere we fine ourselves. Bullies can cause emotional breakdown and it hurts the heart greatly.

It take grace for a child of this condition and age range to overcome bullies.

This is a touching article about the story of an eight years old boy who has a protruding forehead and two head.

He is just 8 years but he has face alot of bullies but she still Favour.

According to the report her mother gave Afrimax, he said the boy was born like that with a protruding fore head and two nose. The mother give some gesture on what might have caused the boy problem.

She said she never knew she was pregnant since she do take birth control pills and even get the injection when she was pregnant which she think might be the reason why the baby got affected.

Her mother said she was talking the drug to prevent pregnancy but fatefully she got pregnant, she went to the doctor, and the doctor told her whether she took the wrong pills as she can’t get pregnant assuming she on the prescribed medication.

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The mother said she was unable to breastfeed the baby for 3 day because she was tired after the birth of the baby.

The mother said other siblings are normal and nothing happened to them.

She said many people make jest of her and the baby but she’s strong enough to bear all the bullies.

The siblings accept him as he was and treat him well in the house.

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