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Bobrisky Has Been Deceiving Us, See Pictures That Shows He Never Did Chest Surgery (Details below)



As the world is changing, things seems to be getting crazier by the day, well there is nothing hidden under the sun anyway. Now, it seems people are going against the status quo, they are no longer doing things like how it should be done.

Women are now dressing like Men wearing trousers, t – shirts while the Men now wear gowns and skirt like female, this is funny. Those alreay born as Men want to turn into Women, while those born as Women want to change into Men. I can say for a fact that they seem confused.

Well if you are thinking this is only common abroad, then you are wrong because we have some here in Nigeria as well and one of the well known cross dresser is Bobrisky. I believe everybody is familiar with the name Bobrisky, mean it shouldn’t sound new or odd since he is already a celebrity. He or should I say she is one who dresses like a Woman and even wants to be addressed as one.

For sometime now, people all over the country have been confused on whether or not Bobrisky is a Man or a woman, but he keeps showing us more female features to get us more confused. He talked about doing surgery and many people believed that he underwent surgery for his chest because of his recent pictures. How true is this?

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Well, I think that is not true, he didn’t do any surgery for his chest, Bobrisky is still a man who just loves dressing like a lady probably for fame. He’s only putting on an artificial chest. I know you are probably still doubting it but I have evidence to prove my point and the picture says it all

In the pictures below you can clearly see the line of the artificial chest. Am I right?

See More Pictures Of Him Wearing Fake Chest Below;

Thanks for reading and kindly share to as many as you can so they can also know this important information.

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