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Benefits Of Keeping Hair Uncut On Our Private Parts, Leave It Alone



Every hair which grows on the human body has its purpose. The hair which grows around the private part helps in reducing friction when father and mother encounter. It also prevents bacteria when it remains without being cut.

So there are very many purposes of why pubic hair should be kept without being cut. Many people cut it while others let it grow. But from the beginning the pubic hair remained to be special matter during the existence of human being.

We all know that the skin we possess around our genitals is characterized by a fine structure. It is known that this hair acts just like protective buffer during the time of mating and other activities.

When male and female clashes, pubic hair helps in reducing friction that is why learned people call it a ‘dry lubricant’. Skin to skin contact might be rough compared to hair to hair rubbing which seems to be smoother.

The pubic hair usually play a warming game to the private parts and it makes readiness to respond to the other opposite gender.

Just like the nose or eyelashes which trap dirt from entering inside the nose or eye it is the same case that pubic hair do the same function.

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We know that pubic hair has a mandate to produce an oil called sebum which it’s work is to cut short the production of bacteria. It is also known to protect some infections which are transmitted sexually for example urinary infection and yeast infections from viginitis.

These pubic hair give the signal to the maturity level and one’s ability to reproduce.

Now these are small notes of how pubic hair works. Pubic hair helps in regulating body temperature. It also increases sensation or excitement. It also acts as natural lubricant against the skin contacts and even good protection against the genitals warts