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A Nurse’s Confession Regarding this Dead Bodies Left Many in Tears, here is What She Said (Details below)



As of late a nurse took it to Facebook notice individuals about things they experience while moving dead bodies. She clarified how awful it is and that individuals should take care of themselves.

She said in some days she might even have to carry about fice dead bodies, what was worrying her the most is that they do not even get counseling after going through such trauma. It is very heartbreaking and many people felt sorry for her but others criticized her. The critics came in when one of the commenters asked her if she did not get prepared for this job during training.

This nurse was just crying out for people to be careful especially with the corona virus. She was saying most of the people she had to carry had died from corona virus. Please leave a comment below and express your opinion on this, do you think the nurse is being dramatic for crying about her job? Or they should be provided with counseling after doing such jobs?