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4 Years After He Changed From A Man To A Woman, See The Current State Of The Nigerian Transgender



Noni Salma is a Nigerian Transgender who was once formerly known as Habeeb Babtunde Lawal. Habeeb used to be a graduate of the University of Lagos the place he studied theatre Arts. He used to be an enjoyment journalist in Lagos before he went overseas to pursue a diploma in film in New York.

He won admission into New York Academy in New York and after this changed his lifestyle. It was later published that he has been disowned with the aid of his family. Habeeb Lawal who is now dwelling as a girl in the United States after He passed through a gender reassignment procedure.

S*x reassignment surgical treatment (SRS), additionally recognized as gender reassignment surgery (GRS) and various different names, is a surgical manner (or procedures) by way of which a transgender person’s physical look and feature of their present traits are altered to resemble those socially associated with their chosen gender.

When Noni was requested in an interview whether or not he is nevertheless in contact with his family, She replied.

“In Nigeria I didn’t tell anyone. I carried a lot of baggage around. Since the information obtained out, I haven’t reached out to my family. I am now not organized to cope with their reaction right now. I know the complete of Nigeria is aware of by way of now however it’s essentially now not my concern. I have sufficient support here. I go to remedy and belong to quite a few guide groups. I am not accountable for anybody. ”

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Years back, he brought on an outrage on the social media for openly rebuking Nigeria’s hard stand on homosexuality and transgenderism. This led to his booming popularity amongst news tabloids. Also, in the interview, Noni was requested about His sexuality, She said:

“I have been a lady all my life. I was once born a woman. It was once extra of accepting myself. My gender has in no way been in question. I was once simply scared of residing in Nigeria whilst being a female in a man’s body. I have by no means been a man. I don’t comprehend what being a man feels like. “She is presently based in United states and has now not returned home considering that the surgery. She continuously shares pix on her Instagram with her friends, so its seems she is having a accurate time over there.

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