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15-year-old girl Needs Financial Support for Surgery else She will die (Details below)



One madam recognized as Jennifer Ahiawu is calling on Ghanaians to help save the life of one Theodora Acolatse. Celebrities Buzz spotted the viral post and decided to use our platform to promote it.

Her post reads:


I’ve been posting about a girl suffering breast hypertrophy lately. THEODORA ACOLATSE is a 15-year-old girl who developed a lump in her breast which was said to be called BREAST HYPERTROPHY. Her health condition has got serious and affected her education since she can’t be able to go to school with such a condition. Her condition called for an immediate medical attention.

I want to thank everyone who had contributed towards her issue.

According to the father of Theodora, by the help of the public and family. He has been able to come up with the money, but they’re left with about Gh¢ 1900 out of the Gh¢ 15,000 required. They’re still appealing for help to complete the money. And also your your prayers are needed because the Surgery is coming up 28th of this month.