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11 Year Boy In JSS1 Raped And Molested By SS2 Students For Bed Wetting At Deeper Life Boarding School (Details below)



An 11 year old boy at Deeper Life High School has been molested by his teachers and principals for bed wetting.

The boy who punished for bed wetting was starved and then released to his seniors who raped and molested him.

Narrating the ordeal, a twitter user writes;

This 11yr old boy was a JS1 student of Deeper Life High School.
His woes began when it was discovered that he wets the bed at night.
The innocent boy was starved by teachers as punishment for bedwetting.
The school principal took the punishment a step further by moving him from the JS1 hostel to the SS2 hostel.

Anyone who has half a brain knows that sending a junior student to go live in the seniors’ hostel is like sending a lamb into a lion’s den.
In the SS 2 hostel, this poor boy was severely molested & raped by his seniors.
They made him take off his underwear & then went ahead to insert their fingers, toes, fists & whatsoever pleased them into his anus!
This child was brutally sodomized by his seniors within the walls of a boarding school run by a popular Nigerian church.

Those devilish seniors threatened to kill him if he ever told anybody.
Even the teachers who starved him for bedwetting also threatened to make life miserable for him if he ever told his parents that he was starved.
When the boy’s mum came to the school to take him they were reluctant to release him to her!

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