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“You Will Die Single If You Are Afraid of Destroying Other People’s Relationship” – Nigerian Lady



A Nigerian woman has urged her fellow women to destroy relationships if they want to stand a chance of not dying single.

A Nigerian woman has shared a rather controversial relationship advice on social media..

The lady in question, Alum Bae has stated that those afraid of destroying other people’s relationships will end up dying single.

She advised both boys and girls to snatch and resnatch until they finally settle for the partner of their dreams. According to her, the game doesn’t pity anybody.

In her words;

“You will die single if you are afraid of destroying other people’s relationships. Don’t pity anybody. Snatch and re-snatch until you settle. Remember your first heartbreak?💔 How your bf/gf was taken? How you felt? The game doesn’t pity you. So don’t pity anybody! Be ruthless.”

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