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$£x Tape Of Ghanaian Female Soldier Leaks Online (VIDEO)



A leaked $£x tap€ of a female Ghanaian soldier has hit the social media space.

According to local reports, it is the first time video of Ghanaian military personnel has leaked to the public domain.

According to online reports, the video which lasted for about one minute and eleven seconds was recorded by her boyfriend in the process.

It was said that the guy forgot to delete the video and which resulted in the video being leaked online probably by his friends.

The said the video is already going viral on social media and cannot be shared here due to it’s controversial nature.

However, you can get the video on our telegram channel.

There are three rules of slaying as a girl, this first rule is never to make a cr@zy video and save it on your phone or laptop. The second rule is that never share your cr@zy video with your friends especially “YOUR BOYFRIEND”. The third rule is the first rule lol…

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