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“Wonders Shall Never End” See What Two Secondary School Students Were Spotted Doing In Class (Video)



Indecent dressing has been a major concern in our schools and educational institutions now, even in the secondary levels students and teachers have been found guilty in such act. Because of this, immorality has creep in to schools now, which you can see a girl and a boy making in out. Which is bad

A video was leaked and was trending on Social media, which a boy was rocking a female student in a class room, in the presence of the teacher as music was loudly played. The male student was seen dancing closing behind the female student and was comfortable with it. This immoral act has gotten to another level. We can see other student cheering and hailing them with applaud.

We call on the government, parents, religious leaders and guidance to please inspect the schools they sent their wards and children too. Because this will make the students deviate from the main aim going to school which is to learn. As all they will be thinking of is how to get down with their mates.


ee the video in the attached link:

What is your view on this? Will you blame the student or the school for this immoral act? Drop your comment below

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