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Woman Kills Son, Drinks His Blood And Asks Police For Soda To Quench Her Thirst (Details below)



Catherine Muthoni killed three children, including her week-old son, and neighbours suspect the influence of a religious cult as probable cause of the bizarre murders earlier this year.

Those who knew her told ‘The Nairobian’ that she had joined a church in Zimmerman Estate, which was founded by a controversial preacher, who gave her hopes of leaving Korogocho slums a wealthy woman one day.

Neighbours said Muthoni had changed since joining the church with her husband whom she had however, disagreed with, and moved out to live with her aunt, just days before the murders.

The changes in her life included shunning local brews about three months ago, in which time the 20-year-old had confided to neighbours that her life “will change soon.”

Muthoni allegedly used a kitchen knife to slit her son’s belly, removed his intestines and ate them before moving to her friend’s house where she strangled Gatei Nyambura, 4, and 10-day-old Peter Kimani, both children of her friend, Nelius Muthoni, who was asleep around 6 pm, when Muthoni knocked her door, and began strangling her, but she overpowered her and ran out for help.

The shocked 23-year-old told ‘The Nairobian’

“When I returned in the house, she was strangling my son, stepping on my daughters neck and chanting strange words asking me why I named my son Biblical Peter…she said I’m possessed by demons.”

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Nelius had just delivered at Pumwani Maternity Hospital, via a C-Section 10 days earlier, and could not comprehend why Muthoni, who had been her friend for more than a year, would kill her children. “We were in the same chama; despite normal differences, we made up easily.”

Muthoni’s elderly aunt, Mary Wanjiru, also survived by dislodging herself from her grip and running away to seek help.

After the three murders and two attempts on the life of her aunt and friend, Muthoni surrendered herself at the Korogocho Police Post where she confessed how she even drank her son’s blood, before demanding a bottle of soda, from the shocked police, to quench her thirst.

Angry neigbours attempted to lynch Muthoni at the Korogocho Police Post but officers managed to whisk her away to Kariobangi Police Station and finally to Huruma Police Station, where she was held in custody before being taken to court.

Muthoni’s aunt, who appeared lost in thought, told us, “I don’t have much to say. She had just come to live with me when she disagreed with her husband. She had started going to church but she did not tell me anything much about it.”

On how she escaped with her life the aunt recalled that Muthoni “woke up early that morning saying she wants cup of tea before inching closer to my bed where she grabbed me on the neck but I managed to slip out only to realise minutes later that she was eating her son.”

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One of the officers said “at the scene few drops of blood were visible, but the remains of the kid proved how he died painful death in hands of the suspect.”

Muthoni was arraigned at the Makadara Law Courts, where police sought more time to complete their investigations before she is presented for trail.

The court directed that she be taken to hospital first.