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Woman In Shock After Proposing Marriage To A Man Who Rejects Her Because She Is A Teacher



A woman has been hit with the shock of her life after proposing marriage to a colleague she admires and would like to settle down with.

heartbroken woman black
The concept of women ‘shooting their shots‘ at men is the new order of the day as it has become rampant than ever..

Unlucky for this 28-year-old lady who shared her story anonymously, she got turned down the worst way ever.

The story reads:

“I am a 28-year-old woman, single and not yet married. I decided to shoot my shot, to one of my friends who just turned 30 since he’s single, focused and organized.

He answered me and said, ”You’re a school teacher, your salary doesn’t accomodate my vision board, i will pass

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