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Woi! Woman Whose V!rgina Was Sealed With Batteries, Super Glue Suffers Another Tragedy



Barely weeks ago a sad tale of a lady from Kandara murang’a county was highlighted on local Inooro TV whereby she was allegedly raped, battery cells stuck in her private parts with super glue.

However another bizarre incident has occurred in the woman’s life, according to Moses Ngigi Inooro Tv reporter, the lady has been brutally burnt with hot water by an unknown assailant.

“A Murang’a woman was kidnapped by unknown people, raped, battery cells stuck in her private parts with super glue! One month later, someone splashes hot water on her back! Horrible! Justice must be served!” Wrote Ngige.

On 26th September, while the victim was coming home from the shop, a saloon car approached her and the people inside asked if she knew the prices for land in Kenol town.

During the conversation, she was sprayed with a chemical substance in the eyes and forced into the car. While unconscious, she saw two women injecting her with an unknown substance and, thereafter, inserting two battery cells in her genitals before sealing her womanhood with superglue. She was later dumped a few meters from her home.

She was taken to a private hospital but she could not get medical attention as the management was demanding for Sh5,000 which she did not have at the moment.

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“One of the Good Samaritans asked for my husband’s number and they made arrangements on how I would be taken home,” she said.

The victim was taken to Maragua Hospital where a surgery was done to remove the battery cells. After being discharged, she reported the matter at Kabati Police Station but two weeks later no action has been taken on the abductors.

In the current incident, the lady is said to have been burnt with hot water by an unknown person as she was still around her house last night.