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Without Mincing Words, You’re A Big IDIOT If You Have A Problem With These Lovely Photos



I have seen these pictures flying all over social media with people especially women giving some ridiculous captions as if the woman in the pictures was forced to do this.

Most women are happy doing some things for their husbands or boyfriends and no one should have a problem with that. You are just an idiot if you have a problem with what makes another human happy.

Some women love to cook for their men, do their laundry for them and other stuff so why should you, Yaa Mansa, sitting on the internet and claiming to be a feminist fume over what makes another woman happy in her marriage or relationship?

Maybe, you should wait and get married so that you stand on the dining table when given your husband’s food to him. I do not see anything wrong in these pictures unless the woman was forced to do so if not, you all should shut your beaks and focus on your lives!

One day when I get married and my wife says she cannot cook or do some things for me, then we’ll have to find alternatives. Don’t you people kneel when giving blowjobs to your boyfriends and husbands?

Don’t you also kneel sometimes when praying to God in church? So what’s so wrong in these pictures?

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