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Wife told my nephew, “Pump again,” I thought they were pumping water but guess what… (Man tells his story)



I have 27 year old cousin who is a very hardworking person but has never found anything to keep him busy. Last month (November), he approached me asking for an accommodation so that he could look for something to do in Eldoret town. I gave him a chance after I heard what he was going through in the village.

I invited him to my place at Kahoya in Eldoret where I and my wife have been staying for the last two months or so.
He and my wife were therefore spending a lot of time together as I left for job. I had my reservation over how my wife would receive him but interestingly they got along quite well.

In most instances, they could do house tasks together including washing clothes and dishes together. They became friends who shared a lot and that was my happiest time since what I wanted was for my cousin to be accommodated for some time. Little did I know I was bringing myself troubles.

This is how it started, one day, after we ate supper, I went straight to bed and left both of them in the kitchen doing dishes after which I expected them to go to their respective bed. Shockingly, when I woke up from sleep at around 2AM, I found my wife had not joined me in bed. I jumped out of bed to look for her.

I went to the kitchen room to find out if they were still washing dishes but I couldn’t find them prompting me to walk straight to the sitting room. My heart at that moment was pumping since it was unusual for her not be in bed by that time. On reaching the sitting room, lights were dimly lit and I couldnt see well what was happening. By far, I could hear groaning voices of adults seemingly in pleasure. “Songeza nguo kiasi inanizuia,” a man’s voice said as a female voice responded, “Waaaaa mamaa hii ni kali leo piga iwake. Pump again”. I moved to the switch and put all lights on but and guess what I saw. My wife was naked on top of the man exchanging fluids.

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I rushed to pick a panga then came back only to find my cousin had dashed away with my wife. They ran away that same time.

That night I couldn’t sleep again. I sat on the floor carpet until morning pondering what I had actually seen. It was the worst day in my life. I immediately decided to call Doctor Mugwenu having read about his work from the internet.

After calling him, he asked me to visit him. I did that and on arrival, he asked me to tell everything that had transpired that night. He then told me to relax before he brought some liquid which he smeared on my palm and gave me some to go with it and spread on the couch which the two were using to do bad manners in my own house.
I can tell you after I went back and did exactly what Mugwenu had instructed me to do, three days could not end.

The two started calling me in turns through my phone. “Tulikosa tusamehe. Natoka damu vibaya,” my wife who had run away with my cousin cried in pain as my cousin screamed in pain on the other end. They cried saying they were sorry I should forgive. They sent their kin to plead with me. I forgave my wife since this was the very first incident happening between me and her.

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