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Who Knows This Woman? See How She Was Caught And Disgrace For Stealing N200,000 Worth Of Hair From A Shop (Video below)



A yet-to-be-identified lady was caught on CCTV stealing human hair from a hair shop in Abuja.

The lady in question used the current COVID-19 pandemic as an excuse to wear a face mask and sunshades with the aim of hiding her identity.

Posing as a potential customer, the lady distracted the sales girl several times and while she wasn’t looking, stole items from the shop.

According to the owner of the shop who was heard at the background while watching the CCTV clip, the hair alone costs more than two hundred thousand naira ($500).

Those watching the clip also said that the lady looks like someone who had robbed another hair shop earlier.

The salesgirl was then scolded for not noticing the actions of the woman who stole the hair. She was warned to always be vigilant henceforth and should be able to identify when something has been stolen from the shop.

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