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‘Who Is Mary Magdalene’ – Cossy Ojiakor Replies IG User Who Slammed Her For Preaching About God In A Provocative Dress (Video)



Busty-chested Nigerian actress, Cossy Orjiakor, has clapped back at a fan who condemned her for preaching whilst wearing a provocative outfit.
Cossy posted a video of herself sharing the Word of God clad in a red-colored revealing dress showing her heavy b00bs..

Replying the video, IG user idetified as luckanzo_03 wrote:

You are mocking God. Jesus never preached half naked when he was on earth. The bible you are holding you don’t even know what God says concerning your lifestyle. Am not. Judging, truth must be told

Cossy then replied:

Who is Mary Magdalene …. the apostle to the apostles.. the vain woman that was the first to see Christ when he resurrected Why do u see God as one big oracle … he is simple ur grandfather the father to your father ….so relate to him as such ….You don’t need strangers (pastors…apostles… reverend fathers … dibia ) for such family issues talk to ur grand daddy