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What happened to this girl should serve as a lesson for the youths and other teens



Day after day, our society continues to tarnish as it passes away, as youth entirely, both girls and boys who are supposed to face their future and focused on building their career have engaged themselves in some unnecessary things that doesn’t helps them or their society at larger, rather than destroying it.

Back then, in the olden days, during the time of our parents and forefathers, people separate themselves away from things that doesn’t benefit them and compete with valuable things that may helped them in future, but nowadays people in the society especially the youth chases after luxurious things instead of nursing their future.

It very shameful when see and hear that many young youths nowadays, has chosen the wrong path of life and they don’t realize that they are going the wrong way. The worst past of it is that some teenagers also partakes in the unfruitful way.

Nowadays, many teenagers has become an agent of immorality, as they do whatever they like, proclaiming that no one can caution them. But they feel more expensive than their parents or guidance, and they don’t realized that there is nothing in this world that comes with repercussions. Because most of this attitude of theirs doesn’t end up well.

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As a case of an eighteen(18) years old girl whose chat with his brother went viral on the social media platform. According to the chat which was leaked by the girl’s brother, in order to make a warning to other young girls to work hard on something fruitful.

In the chat which was leaked by her brother, His teen sister was seen begging him to come and rescue her from her boyfriend who claimed to have spent a lots of money on her locked her up in a hotel room, and requested that he wants all the money he spent on her back in kind. But the brother insisted her sister to get out of the room and run for her life, but she said her boyfriend won’t her to do such. See there chart below:

With all that happened, the young teen never informed her family where she was going.

This indicate how far most of the unsuspecting young ones has gone in eating foods that are meant for the elders. Meanwhile, this attitude of theirs must stop with immediate effect.

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