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Wash Your Head With Coconut Water, This Is What Will Happened



Hello and welcome, we will be talking about why I washed my head with coconut water and what happened after I washed my head with coconut water.

First of all we know coconut to be a very important fruit as it is a source for oil, milk, refreshing water and its oil.

We know what coconut oil oil is used for and even its milk we know it is used in cooking coconut rice. But the water aside drinking it, it can be used to wash your head whenever you feel hotness or headache in your head.

I personally used it when I have headache and I feel hot in my head to help me reduce the hotness and Pain

Disclaimer – please this is for informative and educational purposes.

– This is not to offend you or attack anyone.

– If you have any disapproval, please comment it in a nice way, God bless you.

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