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WAEC Results: Good News For Students That Got “F9” In These 7 Subjects In Their WAEC Results.



Some students that checked their WAEC (West African Examination Council) results were sad because of the grades they got in some of the subject in this year’s WAEC examination.

It’s important to note that WAEC results were released yesterday and many students were happy about it.

However, there is good news for students that got “F9” in these 7 subjects in their WAEC results.

Here are the 7 subjects.

1.Animal husbandry.



4.Store keeping.


6.Crop Husbandry and Horticulture.

7.Book keeping.

Students that got “F9” in some of the subjects mentioned above should not be scared because a lot of universities in Nigeria can still admit you into their respective institutions despite the fact that you got “F9” in these subjects.

So, once again, this is good news for students that got “F9” in these 7 subjects mentioned above in this article.

Here is a WAEC result sample.

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