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US Election 2020: End Of The Road For Trump? Election Results Make A U-Turn (Details)



Joe Biden has expressed confidence that he would emerge winner .
With millions of votes to be counted, Donald Trump is looking to retain his seat as the united state president, but he has Joe Biden to contend with in a historic presidential election.

Votes have been counted so far with just 6 states to be completed. States that remain to be counted include Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Georgia, Michigan, Nevada, and Arizona.

In United States, the winner of the elections is determined by electoral college vote. 270 is what is required of a presidential candidate to win before he or she would be declared the US president regardless of the popular vote.

So far with results that came in, Joe Biden is clearly winning with popular votes as well as college vote.

As at this moment, Joe Biden have amarsed 238 in the electoral college vote whilst 213 of the votes went for Donald Trump.

Joe Biden needs 32 more of the college vote to win the election, and he is fast picking up steam in Michigan and Wisconsin Together that’s 26.

Nevada is 6, that would do it but slow count.

In Pennsylvania there are 1.4 million absentees left to count.

As far as I can see is everying lying on Michigan.

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Trump has a huge lead in Pennsylvania and a good lead in Georgia…

Heck he can maybe take Nevada…

It is a bit tricky to say who will win but Michigan is the key.

The report coming in from CNN is that Joe Biden has taken the lead in Michigan.

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