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UNBELIEVABLE! Greedy parents wants baby dead after Nigerians contributed money for treatment



A newborn baby, now four-day-old, has been hospitalised after fire from lantern burned his face and other parts of the body immediately he came out of his mother’s womb in Calabar, Cross River State capital.. gathered that the unfortunate incident happened on Saturday, November 14, 2020, when the kerosene lantern exploded, burning the newborn baby in turn – though not to death but with high degree of injuries.

According to Ijeoma Stella Aluka, who shared the ordeal of the baby on Wednesday, four days after, the mother of the baby, Mrs Okon Daniel, went to a Traditional Birth Attendant, TBA to give birth due to paucity of funds, when the ugly incident occurred and the baby was rushed to Victoria Medical Centre, beside Hi-Quality Bakery, Ndidem Usang Iso Road, Marian, Calabar, where he is currently receiving treatments.

Aluka said, although the woman had given birth successfully but the fire from a fallen lantern has turned the happy story to a sad one.

“I just came across this 4-day-old baby this afternoon at Victoria Medical Centre located at Marian Road just beside Hi-Quality Bakery…

“The mother went to give birth at one local home like that because of lack of funds to go to the hospital…

“…That there was a big lantern for illumination in the room and as soon as the baby came out the lantern mistakenly fell over and caused an explosion which in turn burnt the baby.

“I don’t want to imagine the pain the innocent baby is going through and that of even the ignorant mother is going through right now”, she said.

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In the latest developments, the parent of the child want to leave with the baby against the advise of the medical doctors. gathered that the husband reportedly said “we have many children if he die he die, we will use the money contributed to take care of other children”.

This is coming after several well meaning Nigerians have contributed millions of Naira for the baby’s treatment.

Watch video below of Ubi Franklin and Aluka narrative the sad development.

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