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Tomorrow is not Guarantee! See the Dirty Things Ginimbi’s was Doing with Girls ,Few Hours Before His Death at the Club (Video)



No one knows tomorrow is a popular adages that is Commonly said by People of wisdom and it work actually in life.

The death of Ginimbi’s can not be overemphasize, he was a renown man who is respected by alot of people both from his country and gloabal.

Few Hours Before his death he went to a club with some of his female friends and they did a lot of improper things that can be considered as Immoral.

The video footage was posted on the social media by an eyewitnesses who happens to have been at the Party where Ginimbi’s were, the video footage reveals the moment Ginimbi’s was dancing with his female friends Who were also Half Naked.

It was reported that they were all drunk while at the Party, on their way home that is when they came to the end of their lives.

Watch Video Below;

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