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“The Story Of The Edo Pastor Who Was Accused Of Rituals Is Actually False” (Details below)



Hello guys, I came across the trending news all over the Internet posted by One Facebook user Named “Delis Apu Modis” about an Edo Pastor who was accused of being a ritualist, was actually false.
We investigate the matter from both sources and got to understand it was a setup just to tarnish the man’s image.

Our correspondent went to Imirimgi / Otuoke Ogbia L. G. A of Bayelsa and met with the individuals today Saturday 21 November 2020 and got hinted that the accused man Mr Frederick who is a single man asked the girl to marry him, he has been trying to win her heart for some time now and they chat and calls, the said man told the girl he wants to get her a present and she said a set of under wear which he got while going to see her and present the gift, he was stopped by some hoodlums in the environment and ask why does he wants to see her, on trying to explain, he was searched and they saw the underwear, a bible, laptop and a church programs containing the picture of the ministers / singers which the said girl he came to meet was also among in the poster, (girls name withheld) they accused him of been a ritualist without giving him a chance to explain himself or what he came to do, he was beaten with cutlass, wood and other dangerous items.

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The Young man Named “Delis Apu Modis” got there without knowing what the matter actually was took some videos and pictures of the incident and tagged The said Innocent Victim Mr Frederick a Ritualist without concrete Evidence.

Delis Apu Modis who’s Facebook comment and post went viral on the said matter has regretted his actions on false information just to trend and has started to make amend on his previous post and others been shared.

We need the general public to take note and pls share this post to also get to the large online community as a false news on the said Mr Frederick of Imirimgi /Otuoke, Ogbia L. G. A of Bayelsa state…

This event has Gotten Mr Frederick devastated, traumatised and this as a result could affect him negatively.

Please let’s repost until this also Get viral to clear his image. Pls moderator move to front page for a larger view thank you

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