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Stop Wasting Money On Drugs, See How To use Unripe Plantain & Tiger nuts To cure Ulcer



There are some kind of diseases we humans face and we spend too much time going on a medical tour to countries around the world,as well as spending much on it just to make sure we see our selves getting well .

There is no doubt that no matter the advancement of today health sector which technology have made it possible, sometimes they also have their own flaws that is why natural healing methods will still be consulted and used by all means as a substitution.

The main aim of this article is to help ulcer patients from throwing their money on too much drugs and make do of these natural methods to heal stomach ulcer.

Using unripe Plantain

The first step is by using an unripe plantain and this is a very easy to do task , just go and get an unripe plantain, then peel it and slice the plantain into little pieces ,

Then , place the sliced plantain into a big bowl and add it with clean water, make sure you cover the bowl and shake, then store the bowl in a good place.

Later when its dissolve properly , drink it and see how good it is in healing your stomach ulcer.

Using Tiger Nut

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Tiger nuts, also known as chufa, Iis a small yellow typte of earth nuts, but rather edible tubers,it has natural power to healing stomach ulcer without having to waste money on many type of expensive drugs.

Just get some some dried tiger nuts and make sure you wash them properly , then soak them in clean water a maximum of a day , then change the water in the storage container , then blend the nuts .

Also add more water as you blend the tiger nut and when you are done with blending it leave it for another 30 minutes.

Lastly, sieve it so as to make it refine and put the tiger nut shake into a clean bottle, drink it and see how effective it helps to heals your ulcer.

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