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Signs Of Endtime- Mysterious Creatures Moving In The Sky



Our world is full of mystery and wonders, and sometimes we often see unusual and weird things which even science cannot explain and most times we are baffled by these mysteries, here are some unexplainable mysteries/creatures caught on camera moving in the sky,

1- Flying Dementor

This was spotted in Zambia in the town of kitwe, what looked like a human-shaped figure flew past a shopping mall, the image looked like a dementor from a popular known movie- harry porter. People flew into terror, some began to worship it, saying it was God’ss manifestation, some ran away for fear, the image was so huge and it was seen for nearly half an hour before vanishing into thin air, do you think it’s also a sign of the entire?

Photo of a dementor from Harry Potter

2- flying spaghetti monster

A monster with the legs of an octopus and the head of a dragon was spotted, the photo was taken by a woman who was on her way to see her son, according to Margret, “I was caught in the middle of a storm, and I was very fascinated with the rain that I decided to take some pictures, my son was the one who noticed it”

The expert in the field examined the photo and discovered the photo was not photoshopped. What do you think about the flying spaghetti monster, some say it may be a serious warning from God.

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3- light from Norway

This got so many people confused as they fear it’s the end of the world, this blue s seen in Norway, many believed that God was sending that as a warning that he will soon destroy the earth, while some claim it was a shooting star, what do you think about the strange light

These strange mysteries remain unsolved, what is your say on this matter? Do you think that God is warning us? Or it’s just the cloud