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SHOCKING! Wedding Gone Wrong, This Man Found Out His Wife Was Sleeping With His Friends On Their Wedding Day, What He Did To Her Will Shock You



There are so many stories of cheating but nothing beats a man finding out that his wife who he adores and boasts about has been sleeping around with his friends. To make things worse, he found out on their wedding day.

This young man found out that hours before the wedding that his wife to be had been cheating on him with his friends. Sadly, these friends were also going to be at the wedding with them. The secret came from multiple sources and even with burning evidence to prove that it was true.

He was angry because he felt he was about to marry the woman of his dreams, but regardless, he tried to keep his composure, while also thinking of the best way to get back at her.

All through the wedding and he stared at her, he was just angry and again, he had a plan and he had to pretend to be fine till he executed this plan. To make his plan was, the groom needed to exactly where the men who slept with his new wife were seated. Before the whole ceremony started, he slipped away to the banquet hall to figure out where each of them would be.

Immediately, he located their seat, he placed a red sticker on the bottom of their plates. The men and the new bride were about to get the biggest shock of their lives and also be shamefully exposed to everyone there.

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When the ceremony had winded down and were all seated to eat, the groom clinked his glass to get everyone’s attention. He then told the crowd that he had an announcement, so they paid rapt attention. The groom now asked everyone to stand up, which they obeyed and then he said he wanted to play a little game.

He said since food wasn’t served yet, everyone should flip over their plates to see if they had a little red dot on the bottom. He said anyone with the red dot should remain standing. The guests looked around confused, but complied and began flipping over their dishes.


The guests began to sit one by one and the whole room realized the people left standing were all men and also the groom’s friends. The other guests could see the men standing were clearly nervous as a sudden realization of what was coming dawned on them.

At that point, with tears in his eyes, the groom announced that the men standing all had an affair with his wife. The men were clearly embarrassed at that.

Although the groom was clearly heartbroken, and fighting the urge to bolt from the room, he enjoyed every second of exposing them. The groom did exactly what he wanted to do despite the pain it caused him and he did it in the most spectacular way. Everyone was stunned as the groom continued.

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The groom told the crown that planned to cancel the marriage that afternoon because he couldn’t be married to his adulterous bride.

The bride began crying along with her parents. He looked at his new wife with anger, pressed his lips together and left without another word. He left the building immediately.

Shamed in front of all her friends and family, there weren’t any words that would console the bride. She knew what she had done and everyone’s eyes were on her.

This is a heartbreaking thing to happen to anyone and it is understandable that the groom was as angry as he was. If she wanted to cheat at all (although that isn’t justified in any way) it should not be with her husband to be’s friends.

Regardless, do you think the man was justified to have embarrassed her that way? Do you think he could have handled it in another way? Kindly drop your opinion in the comment section.