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See What The Church Of Satan Said About The US Election That Everyone Should Know About



The US 2020 presidential election is the most talked about thing on the internet and across every social media platforms for some days now and from reports, it is the biggest election turn out in the history of America.

President Donald Trump and Joe Biden are the two representing Democratic and The republican but it is not looking good for Donald Trump’s republican party with the results that is in so far.
A lot of tweets and talks from people has been pointing hands at the church of Satan saying the anti Christ are trying to use the US election and power to start taking over the world . However, what most people don’t know is that the church of Satan 2 days ago cleared the air early saying they have no interest in politics and has nothing to do with the US election, excluding individual members.

According to them, religion has nothing to do with politics and none of their members should expect any assist from them.

In a tweet, they wrote “Reminder: Religion has no place in politics. As such The Church of Satan does not demand that members conform to any particular political point of view, nor should our members expect the Church to assist them in forcing others to assent to their own positions..

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To elaborate for those who have some political ideal which they wish the Church of Satan to tout for them: The Church of Satan does not have an “official” political position. Note that individual members frequently do have political positions.”

As such, no matter the winner of the US election, either Joe Biden or Donald Trump, the church of Satan has nothing to do with it and never provided any support for any of them like some people are accusing them.

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