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See What Late Ijeoma Neke Posted On Her Page Few Days Ago, Before She was Murdered



This world is full of evil, and the wicked ones are yet to repent. The family and friends of late, Miss Ijeoma Neke are currently mourning after their daughter who was declared missing few days ago, was later found dead.

Ijeoma Neke was a beautiful and hard working lady who worked as a beautician and makeup artist. She hailed from Imo State , but resides and work in Enugu State. Unfortunately, she was found death on the 15th of November, but before she died she posted a video which seems confusing to most of his fans and friends.

According to reports, Ijeoma Neke was last seen on Wednesday 11th November 2020 in Enugu. Information gathered, showed that Miss Ijeoma was booked for a makeup business in an undisclosed location but no one heard from her again after the journey.
She was declared missing on the 11th of November and her death body was found on the 15th of November, 2020. According to reports, her Killer poured acid on her and dump her dead body around Maryland, Enugu State.

5 days before Ijeoma was murdered, she posted her video on her Instagram page. In the muted video, she was just blinking her eyes, looking so sad and shaking her head without uttering any word.

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The video made some of her friends curious , pushing them to ask some certain question. After watching the video one of her friend asked if there’s anything wrong with her eyes, while another of her friend asked if it was her ghost because the video was posted 5 days ago being 12th of November why she was declared missing on the 11th of November.

These are some pictures from the video clip

Look at the date she posted the video, and some of her friends comments.

You can click on the below link to watch the video:

It’s so disheartening that this beautiful lady meet her untimely death because of her job and passion. Killers of Ijeoma Neke will never find peace in their life.

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