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See What A Painter Was Caught Doing While Painting A House That Got People Talking On Twitter [Photos]



A man known to be a painter (people who specialize in painting houses), based on the work he was spotted doing inside the picture.

The work he did as a painter is never a new thing, but many professional people in that occupation have earned more money from it. But the man inside this picture risked his life with the way he exposed himself as a novice; He decorated the house and even made a protective measure that could also destroy him even more easily, using rope to tie his neck in order to keep hanging if his legs moved or fell inappropriately.

I figured he had forgotten that after wearing it on, the rope is not that easy to remove.

My advice for individuals doing this job and using this same technique as a preventive measure is to find another safer way to do it , no matter how strong you are, a day will come when the rope might be stronger.

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